Evergreen Heights Elementary PTA

Auburn, WA


PTA Meetings

Meetings are held once a month. At meetings, we talk about our PTA budget, events, principal updates, and how we can help our school community. Anyone is welcom to join a meeting, even non-members. Members can vote on decisions made during meetings. 

Our meetings for the 2022-2023 school year were 2nd Mondays and we will announce meetings for this school year soon. Like last year we will likely be alternating doing meetings at 4:15pm in person (in the school library, come at 4pm for social time) and virtual (7-8pm; via zoom link) to accommodate different parent schedules. 

NOTE: We are back to in-person meetings every two months (with virtual in months in between). Masks are not required. The meetings will include 15 minutes of social time prior to the meeting start time of 4:15. It is ok to bring your children but there will not be babysitting (yet). It is also ok to show up late if you are a teacher or are meeting a child for pickup. We get it! We'd love to see you there!

See events calendar below for specific dates and times. 


Upcoming Events: (Tentative; please check for updates)


What is our typical year of events?

With the exception of explicit fundraisers, our events are usually planned with the purpose of providing our families with fun and memories, to foster community and give our kids an enriching experience. We typically keep at least some aspect of each event free, and any paid participation costs low so that all can participate, while still aiming to at least break even on cost to keep our PTA running.

While plans are subject to change, here is what the PTA has in mind for 2022-2023:



Fall Fundraiser: For the past several years we have partnered with a leadership company for a motivational and fun fundraising experience for all kids at the school that also has a physical activity component. This is typically a Fun Run at the end of the program. For fall 2023 we're partnering with Booster, who will work with teachers to provide kids with leadership lessons and awards prizes to kids who take initiative to get more sponsors for their laps.


Fall Festival, usually held the last Friday evening of October. This is a non-religious fall-themed event. In the past it has typically included costumes, a “haunted house”, games, bouncy houses, trunk-or-treat, and a bake sale. In 2020 this was modified to be a fall-themed treat bag. For 2021 we had a Trunk-or-treat only event with photo booth. If you have a vision for this day or want to help someone who does, send us an email at evergreenheightspta@gmail.com.


Kids Vote on Election Day. Our tradition is on election day kids go to the gym and enter "voting booths" to vote on the entertainment for a school assembly (such as choosing between a magician, and a bird who does tricks). This event is a way to teach the importance of voting in a non-political way that is fun for the kids. In 2021 we did in-classroom voting to have the kids choose a Spirit Day since we couldn't be on campus to run a vote and assemblies weren't happening again yet. 

Scholastic Book Fair, typically held during conference week in cooperation with the librarian. We partner with Scholastic to bring books for sale to campus for kids to shop in person. For the 2023-2024 school year the conferences are right before winter break, so this event may be moved to the Spring. 



Winter Shop, typically during the last week of school prior to winter break. This is a fun event for the kids, where we run a shop in the gym and classes take turns sending kids in to purchase holiday gifts for family and friends. While this event is mostly run as a way for kids to buy gifts for family, any proceeds over the cost of running the event go to the PTA general fund to help pay for fun activities for the rest of the year. The shop is set up in the gym and kids typically each get one dollar to spend courtesy of PTA. This is a fun event that kids look forward to, and look back on with fond memories. It also involves lots of planning and volunteering, please visit our volunteer page if you are interested!



Paint Night

Movie Night



Smencil sale (for Valentine's Day treats)



School Play



Dance Night/Cultural Night



Teacher Appreciation Week



Talent Show

End of Year/Graduations. We typically help with a celebration of Kindergartners getting through their first year of elementary school and a graduation to send off our Fifth graders who are leaving the school.



Other Events --

Based on interest and volunteer support, PTA has also organized/sponsored:

  • Fundraiser Auction Event (Spring)
  • Art and Science Day (during the school day, November)
  • Teacher Appreciation gifts (throughout the school year)
  • Girls on the Run empowerment program
  • Support in enabling additional school field trips
  • Happiness is Now Assembly, dance-inspired assembly promoting positivity and mental health (often in January)
  • Paint Night (multiple dates, often taking place in January/February)
  • Potlucks and Meet and Greet events (throughout the year including summer)
  • Cultural heritage potluck and/or bake sale (incorporated into other events such as playdates, Fall Festival, and Kids' Day)
  • *Clubs around common interests such as learning a language
  • Bingo for Books night (throughout the year)
  • *Kids' Day event to celebrate cultural dances, food, and customs (Spring)
  • *Community Garden (in conjunction with Student Leadership)
  • *Earth Day, community planting and other earth stewardship activities (April)

*we haven't done these yet but hope to do in the future


Excited by any of these events or ideas? Help us make it happen - visit our volunteer page to get involved! You don't need to be a PTA member to volunteer. It is a great way to meet other parents and be a part of your child's school experience!